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Logo & Logotype Designs

1: Designed for the nonprofit organization the “Historic Albany Foundation”

2: Designed for the poseable mannequin app, “Meet Manny” and its promotional website, which serves as a drawing tool for children

3: Designed for the nonprofit campaign “TEASE,” which is meant to spread awareness about sexism in contemporary fashion and advertising through the use of humor

4: Designed for the online publishing service, “Fib Type: Publishing,” which publishes teen fiction in an eReader format

5: Designed for the all-meat restaurant, “FRIED;” the logo is a comical reference to the variety of turducken meals on the menu

6: Designed for Daniel James Ferrara, a nanotech engineer

7: Designed for “Drama Theatre,” a collegiate drama club

8: Designed for “Lotus Perfume,” a limited edition designer scent

9: Designed for the science themed magazine, “Kepler,” which is geared at a college-age audience

10: Designed for “JessLynnStudio,” my personal graphic design, illustration, and fine art business

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