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126: Holiday Season Nicknames

Howdy! I'm fairly active on Twitter where it's trendy to choose a seasonal nickname. This is more popular in October, but also occurs in December. For inclusivity reasons (and because I'm not religious) I did lean more wintery than holiday-y with these, but you'll still find some holiday-centric suggestions. Some are pun-y and most are silly, and all are in good fun.

Without further ado, holiday nicknames:

Aaron: Aaron-deer

Adam: Advent

Alan: All-an Spice

Alexander: Equinox-ander

Alicia: A-Glacier

Amanda: Feliz-NaviMandy

Amber: Ember

Angela: Angel

Angelica: Angel

Anita: Santa

Anna: Annaberry Sauce

Anne: Anneberry Sauce

Annabelle: Jingle Bell / Sleigh Bell

Astrid: Dasher-id

Aurora: Aurora Borealis

Ava: Avalanche

Avril: Avalanche

Barbara: Barbie

Bartholomew: Aurora Barry-alis

Beth: Bethlehem

Betty: Betty Paper

Blake: Snow Blake

Bridgett: Frigid

Bruce: Spruce

Bryan: Bry-reindeer / Blitzen

Candace: Candles / Candy Cane / Kindling

Carmela: Caramel / Carm-igran

Carmichael: Comet

Carol: Care Bear / Christmas Carol

Caroline: Christmas Caroline / Sweet Caroline

Carolyn: Christmas Carolyn

Chance: Prancer

Cedric: Arctic / Cedar

Charles: Charming Charlie / Hot Char-colate

Christian: Kris Kringle / Christmas

Christopher: Kris Kringle / Christmas

Clayton: Sleigh-ton

Crystal: Christmas / Crystal Bells

Cynthia: Cinn-thia-mon

Deborah: Debruary

Deirdre: Dreidel / Deer-dre

Delilah : Delivery

Denise: Den-Ice / Dancer

Deshaun: Dasher

Desiree: December

Edith: Ed-It Snow

Edric: Arctic / Sled-ric

Edward: Ed-It Snow / Sled-ward

Edwin: Ed-It Snow / Sled-win

Elizabeth: Eliza-Bethlehem / B-Liz-zard

Elon: Elon Snow

Emmet: L-Emmet Snow / Em-Mitten

Ephraim: Epiphany

Erin: Erin-deer

Ester: F-Est-ival

Eustace: Furnace

Eva: New Year's Eva / Christmas Eva / Cabin F-Eva

Evelyn: New Year's Evelyn/Eve / Christmas Evelyn / Twelvelyntide

Evangeline: New Year's Evangeline / Christmas Evangeline

Ezekiel: Sleet / Freeze-ekiel

Daniel: Flannel

Declan: Declan The Halls

Donald: Don Snow / Donner

Dorothy: Dolly / Dolly Jolly Christmas

Felix: Felix Navidad

Fleur: Flurry

Gail: Gale

Gary: Garland / Krampus

George: Scrooge

Gertrude: Rudolph

Ginger: Gingerbread / Ginger Snaps

Graham: Graham Cracker / Grahamberry Sauce

Greta: Season's Greta

Gretchen: Grinchen

Gwendolyn: Winter

Hailey: Hail-y

Hank: Blanket

Hannah: Hannakuh

Harriet: Hearth / Harriettle Drummer Girl

Heath: Wreath

Henrietta: Poinsettia / Henriettle Drummer Girl

Holly: Boughs Of Holly / Holly Night / Hollyday / Jolly

Hugo: Lego / Igloo

Isabella: Jingle Bella / Sleigh Bella

Isolde: Is-cold

Jack: Jack Frost / Jack Ice / Jacket

James: Jimney

Janet: January

Janice: January

Jason: Jason's Greetings

Joan: Joaniper / Joantide

Joanna: Joanipera

Joanne: Joanniper

Joel: Noel

John: Long Johns

Joy: Joy To The World

Jude: Jule Log / Judetide

Julian: Jule Log / Juletide

Juliet: Jule Log / Juletide

June: Juniper / Junetide

Juniper: Juniper Berry / Junetide

Katherine: Katniss Evergreen

Kelly: Mele Kelly-kimaka

Kimberley: Mele Keli-Kim-aka / Kindling

Klaus: Santa Klaus

Lance: Prancer

Lane: Candy Cane

Laura: Au-Laura Borealis / Laur-nament

Leah: Sleigh-ah Bells

Leanora: Menorah

Lenora: Menorah

Lindsey: Whimsy

Lorelie: Au-Lor-a Borealis / Lor-nament

Loretta: Lorettle Drummer Girl

Lucy: Real Thick And Sprucy

Luna: Luna New Year

Madison: Feliz Navi-Maddy

Malcolm: Mal-Comforter

Margaret: Magi / Hot Margot / Ear-muffy

Margot: Hot Margot

Marie: Flurry

Mary: Merry

Maureen: Myrrh-een

Megan: Nutmegan

Melany: Melany Kelikimaka

Melinda: Feliz NaviMindy

Mikayla: Mac Frost / McDuck

Miranda: Miracle

Misty: Mistletoe

Molly: Boughs Of Molly / Molly Night / Mollyday / Jolly

Monica: Harmony

Morgan: Myrrh-gan

Mortimer: Myrrh-timor

Naomi: Gnomie

Natalie: Nativity

Natalia: Nativity-a

Nathaniel: Hiber-Nate

Nicholas: Saint Nicholas / Saint Nick / Nicholas Flannel / Knit-olas

Nicole: Saint Nicole / Saint Nick / Nick Flannel / Knit-ole

Nova: November

Olive: Festive

Oliver; Festiv-er

Olivia: Festiv-ia

Orson: Orson's Greetings

Pamela: Pamkin Pie

Patricia: Sweet Patr-ato

Patrick: Sweet Patato

Paul: Snow-Paul

Penny: Epiphany

Pepper: Peppermint

Petra: Parka

Piper: Pipermint

Pollyanna: Pollypocket / Polar / Polaris / Snow Poll

Poppy: Poppy Holidays!

Posy: Cozy

Ralph: R-Alps

Rebecca: Reba Without A Clause

Reese / Rhys: Reese/Rys on Earth / World Reese/Rhys / Peace / Fleece

Renaldo: Reunion-o

Renee: Reunion

Robert: Bauble / Robin

Ronald: Ron Snow / Donner

Ross: Cranberry Ross

Roy: Roy To The World

Rudolph: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer

Ruth: Ruth-olph / Ruth-cake

Quinn: Quilt

Sandra: Santa

Scarlett: Scarf-lett

Silas: Silas Night / S-elebrate

Simon: Cinnamon

Sol: Snow Sol / Solstice

Summer: Litter Strummer Girl

Stanley: Stanberry Sauce

Susan: Susan's Greetings

Thaddeus: Feliz Navi-Thaddy

Timothy: Little Timmy

Todd: Sweetie Todd

Wanda: Kwanzaa

Wendy: Winter

Winona: Windy / Winter / Wonder

Winter: Winter Wonderland

Wisteria: Wistletoe

Xavior: Xmas-vior

Zachariah: Zack Frost

Zeek: Sleet

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you're having a great holiday season! I drop a new blog post every Monday. Toodles!

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