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129: Apps I Love

Updated: Jan 3

Howdy! I'm pretty picky about the apps I use. They have to be free. If there are consistent ads, I uninstall. It has to serve a purpose or I don't want it wasting space on my phone. Most of my apps are there to be used once in a blue moon and I'm annoyed by their presence, but there are some I use everyday.

Without further ado, the apps I actually like:

  1. Alarmy: This app allows the users to set how they want to turn the alarm off. There are a few options but I go with math problems because I hate, and am bad at math. I'm a heavy sleeper and my dog gets a pill every 8 hours. So it's important I not just turn the alarm off while on autopilot. I have to acknowledge the alarm, this way.

  2. iNaturalist: I take pictures of plants and animals. Then I submit them to the app which will try and identify the species for me. The app offers their best guesses, which I use to choose the correct species. If I can't usually somebody submits the species within a day or two. I'm a chaos gardener and with this app, I can identify the plants once they've sprouted, since they're all mixed together.

  3. Goodreads: While I enjoy keeping track of which books I've read, and sharing my reviews with friends, mainly I use this to keep track of books I want to read, so I'm not wandering blind at the bookstore or library.

  4. Google Drive: I appreciate having one space for all of my files that I can access from anywhere with internet. I still back everything up and there are caps on how much data can be stored for free, but I can't beat the convenience.

Sure, there are social media apps I use daily, but how many would I be using if I wasn't trying to promote my novels and art? I'd still have Instagram as a portfolio but I wouldn't be on TikTok at all and I'd be minimally on Facebook. I wouldn't have four micro blogs. So yeah, these are the apps that do their job well for free without overloading my experience with ads. Thanks for stopping by! I drop a new blog post every Monday. Toodles!

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