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151: Pumpkin Bags

Howdy! I love spooky season and I collect novelty bags, so naturally I have a pumpkin bag. I get so many compliments that I figured I'd share a list of pumpkin bag shops for folks seeking their own. For ease of budgeting, they're in order of price, from most to least. The reason I'm doing this now, rather than in October, is because these are small businesses often making bags by hand, to-order, and they sell out. Depending on what you're looking for, you may need to order soon to have the bag by Halloween.

Without further ado, the pumpkin bag shops:

Conflicted Gifts: This is a two person operation featuring Lauren and Cameron, who live in Arizona, in the U.S.A.. They make custom pumpkin bags from leather. Prices range from $380 to <$500, but the more affordable bags, while each being one-of-a-kind, aren't custom, whereas the pricier models are made to the buyer's specifications. The buyer chooses the face cut, color, the shape of the accents, the color of the accents, the color and length of the strap, the interior fabric, and the buyer can have a keychain made as well. I can personally vouch for the quality of these bags and if you would like to hear more about my experience as a customer, here is my review video.

Being such a small business, with a large online following, the bags sell out immediately. The way it works is Lauren, who maintains their social media pages, posts a week or so ahead of when they do pre-made bag drops and when they open up custom slots. Buyers are encouraged to go on their site ahead of time to make accounts, just so they aren't slowed down filling out the form when bags drop and custom slots open. They also sell bags locally at Terror Trader's in Chandler, Arizona. They do not make bags that infringe on copyright. The bag takes about 2.5 to 3 weeks to craft and ship out. They are only shipped within the U.S.A, not internationally. You will not find these bags for resale. However, if you are crafty, the pattern is for sale.

The Kitschy Ghoul: This is a one-woman business with a wide variety of handcrafted bags, operating out of Colorado, U.S.A.. There is a wait list and there are bag drops. I'd suggest following her social media pages to see when those are. Prices are either based off size (U-Pick Pumpkin Patch) or, on the more complicated bags (Heirloom Collection), off of the materials and time involved. Materials vary a lot. She does not have prices listed at the moment so I'm erring on the side off pricey, regarding the placement in this list. There is no international shipping.

Double K Originals: This company is a husband & wife duo, run by Shawn & Jenna Krist, operating in the U.S.A.. Pre-Orders take 4-6 weeks to ship, but not all pumpkin bags require pre-ordering. Pumpkin bags run from $190, on sale, to $325. They are sometimes available for custom work and there is a horror fandom themed pumpkin bag included in their shop at the moment. I don't see anything about the availability of international shipping

Rocks and Sews: This is a one woman operation, starring Roxanne. Pumpkin bags run from $80, on sale, to $300. Bags ship from Missouri, U.S.A. Pre-Order and Made-To-Orders bags have varying turn-arounds listed in their individual product blurbs. They ship internationally.

Love, Pain, & Stitches: Pumpkin bags range from $50-$220. This is a small business, a mother & son operation and they're making (most of) these bags by hand from vinyl. There is a subset of their pumpkin bags called Pumpkin Kult: The Collection, which are machine manufactured. They constantly make new designs, listing new products every two weeks and they sometimes do custom bags. They occasionally sell bags at Oddities & Curiosities expos so keep an eye on their social media pages if interested in buying in-person. They ship internationally.

The Punkin Shop: At a glance, bags range from $119-$169. Materials vary. They appear to be a multi-person operation. Orders are processed in about 2 days while shipping can take another 7, which feels like a quick turn-around for an indie purse store, if you're in a hurry. They ship internationally.

Nara Prado: Bags range from $79-$129 at a glance. They are made by

Ianara Prado by hand and shipped from Brazil approximately 30 days from the time the order is processed. They ship internationally. All bags are vegan. Custom bags featuring popular horror fandoms appear common in her shop.

Backstitch Bruja: Bags range from $45-$110 at a glance, and pre-orders take about 13 weeks to ship, while ready-made products ship out within a few days. They ship internationally. These bags sell out quickly and clients are encouraged to keep an eye on their social media pages for product announcements. This appears to mostly be a one-person operation though Yvette Aragon-Herrera, the owner and designer, does mention collaborating with other small businesses. These bags are made by hand. All bags are cruelty free. The designs change seasonally.

The Sketchy Pumpkin Shop: These bags go for $38. They offer less variety than the sellers listed above but this appears to be a great budget find. Pre-orders take 10-12 business days, while regular orders take 3-5 days. I don't see anything about the availability of international shipping but I can see they ship from Illinois, U.S.A..

Thanks for looking! I hope you found this list helpful and will have your own pumpkin bag ready in time for spooky season! I drop a new blog post every Monday. Toodles!


Howdy! This past week I mainly worked on making mockups of future art projects but I also knocked out a couple of new woodburnings. At my last two First Fridays I received casual requests (not official commissions) for a tropical woodburning scene and a mushroom woodburning. The ideas were open-ended enough where I made them. Even if those potential clients don't make a purchase, somebody will. It's not like art goes bad!

painted mushroom woodburning
ocean sunset scene painted woodburning

An unfortunate and easily foreseeable side effect of Destination Bryan having cut the Art Loop, at First Friday, from 50+ to just 25 vendors, is now we artists are anxious to hear back on our applications. We should by the 20th of every month, so long as we applied by the 15th. I applied on the 6th so should hear back today. We'll see! In the meantime, I am visiting other vendor events, as a customer, so see if they're busy enough for me to want to take part as a vendor. There just aren't many that are regularly occurring and suitable for selling art. The folks buying eggs and produce at their local farmer's market probably didn't show up intending to grab a watercolor painting, you know?

As a fun side project I've been making a scrapbook of my dogs. I pressed a bunch of flowers and went back and added a few Pink Ladies to the floral page. With another, I finally found use for one of my old "I Voted" Stickers. I have a sticker stockpile I'm trying to work through. I like the idea of coffee table books too much for a person who has guests once every couple of years. If I could turn scrapbooking into a chargeable service, I would. Not sure how I'd price it though? By the page? I don't know. I've seen scrapbooks pre-made on Etsy, where the buyer just has to shove their pictures in the open slots. The thing is, I am making each page for each picture, taking inspiration from the photo, so that wouldn't work for me. Still, if I made an entire scrapbook album with one set theme, that should be sellable. Could be a future project.

two medium sized dogs surrounded by dried plant, gold patterns, and a stone wall
Floral page
two medium sized dog pawing at an ermerican flag fabric with an I voted Sticker flyign behind them over the statue of libert, is one page, with the other showing two medium sized dogs with ty beanie baby tags
Voting & TY Beanie Baby pages

I didn't read this past week. I expect my next read to be the sequel to Soulmates: A Metaphysical Love Story, which is Fated Tides, by Sarah Faeth Sanders. I have it on my Kindle. I just don't know yet if I'm feeling a romance novel this week.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! I drop a new newsletter every Monday. Toodles!

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