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53: The Overturn of Roe V. Wade

what to wear: solid colored nondescript clothing that covers tattoos, goggles & maks, emergency contacts especially a lawyer's number written down on arm and covered with clear nail polish, heat resistant gloves for handling hot projectiles fired by the police, your hair tied up, and any identifiable features like a unique hair style or piercing, hidden. What to bring: more water than you need in case of tear gas, snacks, cash, quarters for police station phone, and ID, washcloth again in case of teargas, ear plugs in case of noise cannons, bandages protest sign. don't bring your phone, don't wear jeewlry, dont bring anything you wouldnt want to be arrested with such as drugs or weapons, and do not wear contacts because it'll make the tear spray worse
Protesting Safety Guide

Howdy. Federally, we've lost abortion rights, leaving them, in the case of many states, in the hands of the theocratic minority. Am I mad? Yes. Hurt? Also yes. A living breathing person matters more than any potential life.

So what can we do? What am I doing about it?

Well, first off, I'm boycotting corporations within reason (meaning I have no plans to starve). Yes, by utilizing the free Goods Unite Us app, I can see which party each corporation donated to, so I had the option to limit my boycott to those who donated to the GOP. Considering the Democratic party had weeks to act, to at least formulate a plan of action, & considering Biden won't even say the word, "abortion," I'm boycotting any corporation who donated to either party, which is pretty much all of them. I'm also telling anyone who will listen why they should do the same. Am I annoying? Absolutely. Nobody wanted to have crisis shoved before their eyes all day, everyday. But this is a crisis and it's only getting worse. If my being annoying convinced even one person to join in this boycott, then I've helped the cause. Federal, and many state, politicians represent their corporate donors, not us, so it is their corporate donors we must convince.

As a self employed artist/writer, my going on strike won't effect the economy. However, I'm loudly advocating, to pro-choice leaders and unions, that they coordinate and organize a massive strike. A general strike will fail unless it is well planned, funded, and supplied. That simply isn't feasibly without union support. Neither union heads nor the democratic party are willing to harm the economy to protect our rights. However, the Katara in me believes that with enough pubic support, we can coerce democrats and unions to save our chunk of the world.

Living in the middle of nowhere and being unable to drive, I'll happily participate in any local protests, but thus far, I haven't found any. Being new here and not having any local acquaintances, let alone friends, I'm hardly the right person to organize a local march. However, I full support anyone protesting this infringement on our rights, be that outside of politicians' homes, their offices, government buildings, or when these politicians happen to be spotted out in public. No privacy for us? No privacy for them. Frankly, I have nothing against the protests taking place after dark either. I'll never look down on destruction of public or corporate property as a means of making our voices heard in the face of injustice. Lives matter more than property or capital. Should any of my readers engage in any urban stargazing, I highly suggest reading this thread and this thread on twitter, and watch out for secret police, like the officer shown below, courtesy of this tweet. Stay safe.

Cop has a concealed stab vest under t shirt, an audio wire with no headphones, and you can see the shape of the ring of his handcuffs in his backpocket. Also wearing a blue line wrist band which is telling.
Informative secret police photo shared by @TheSpiral on Twitter

For those who can, I suggest closing unnecessary bank accounts and only keeping the bare minimum in the banks. By bare minimum, I mean whatever is necessary to pay bills. The banks rely on our savings to fund their constant gambling and donations to politicians. Let's remove those funds. What you must pay for, where cash is an option, use cash.

Yes, sign petitions, contact your representatives and tell them you support the right to an abortion. But don't donate a dime to any politician until our rights are restored.

It's not enough that I am disillusioned by the democratic party and who our government serves. everyone else must see these daily injustices as well, or else liberals will fall for this lazy ?vote blue no matter who" nonsense. No, make them earn your votes. Vote third party, advocate for ranked voting wherever possible. Pelosi doesn't care about abortion rights. It's just another excuse to fundraise. Democrats don't care if they win elections, because liberals will throw money at them in the hopes they'll do better next time. We, as an educated society, need to act on our principles and teach the Democratic party that what the people wants matters. That we will not fund inaction or collusion with the GOP. So, have standards. Don't give your vote away just because they're not a Republican. Do your due diligence when voting. Does the candidate match your values? If not, vote for the person who does. The duopoly is corporately owned and killing us, accommodating to CEOs' greed.

In short, be annoying, loud, and unforgettable. Don't sit this one out. The GOP extremists aren't going to stop gutting our rights until we make them. Anyway, thanks for stopping by. Take care and stay safe.

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