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56.5 Replacing Double Enter with Enter Tab in Microsoft Word

Howdy! I'm in the midst of submitting a manuscript to a small press and they want the excerpt to meet the Shunn Format standard. Which, among other thing, has a single enter concluding each paragraph, followed by a tab. Trouble is, I have a preference for a space between my paragraphs and no tab, meaning I double enter after each paragraph. After some trial, error, and a lot of googling, I learned that the symbol in Microsoft Word for enter is ^p and the symbol for tab is ^t. So, I went to replace all and put ^p^p in the find box, then ^p^t in the replace box, and clicked replace all. Then I had to go back and un-tab my chapter headings, but otherwise, this worked really well.

This is the replace all box from Microsoft Word
Replace ^p^p with ^t

I hope you find this helpful! My next full blog post comes out Monday. This was just a something I found worth sharing. Toodles!

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