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64: Supporting Your Fave Authors

furby with human hands for feet in front of shelves that are in front of a giant eye
Watercolor Idea of a Furby that I collaged and edited in photopia

Howdy! I love promoting my fave authors, and finding new faves. Not every great author is famous, but we can help each other discover their works anyway, and who knows! That might change!

  1. Buy the book, preferably from a bookstore. They don't have it? request it!

  2. Review the book wherever you can. I like Goodreads but Instragram, TikTok, and Twitter are great too! Just don't tag the author. Hashtags are great. Using the "@" symbol gets a little pushy. Not every author wants to see their reviews.

  3. Request the book from your local library. If enough readers request it, the library will buy it. Then that's one more place readers can stumble upon your fave!

  4. Share the book on social media. The more, the merrier!

  5. Recommend the book to friends.

  6. Lend your copy out to friends. Just don't expect it back. ;)

  7. Donate your read copy to your local library, or if they already have a copy, to little neighborhood libraries.

  8. Add it/Vote for it in relevant Goodreads lists! I find most of what I read on Goodreads lists for Fabulist Fiction, Magical Realism, and Experimental Fiction. Goodreads Lists are great.

  9. Suggest it for your book club, if relevant. Starting a book club is also cool!

  10. Buy official or fan merch. Maybe the author isn't being paid directly when you buy off-brand but you're still promoting their story by showing off your fan merch (and some boos don't have a lot of official merch).

  11. Make and share fan art or memes! This one is fun, and helps keep the fandom alive.

Anyway, I hope any of this was helpful for you! If you have any suggestions for who I should follow, feel free to let me know in the comments. I drop a new blog post every Monday. Thanks for stopping by!

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