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72: Dog Got Sick & a Tree Fell

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Hey! Last Thursday night, my dog, Samwise, wasn't feeling well. We'd gone to the dark park, and car trips make him nauseous. When we got home, without giving the dogs time to adjust, I immediately fed them dinner. For the rest of the night, Sam was outside as much as possible, eating grass like a little lawnmower. Concerned, I looked up how to make him vomit, because while eating grass is normal, not to the extent he was doing it. The least drastic option was to give him more food, as opposed to Peroxide in water. At first he refused snacks. My husband drove him around, since that's his trigger, but that failed. We gave him more food which he did eat. TMI, but he finally threw up and I found nothing suspicious in his vomit. I stayed up with him, letting him in and out basically every twenty minutes, until finally, I was falling asleep. Rather than risk nodding off while he was outside, I put puppy pads by the exists and assumed he'd take my meaning. Come morning, after I fed him breakfast (which he ate with no problem), I checked the puppy pads. He had gone to the bathroom, something he wouldn't have done if he had been feeling well.

While car sickness is normal for him, it's never been to such a severe extent that he remained ill after vomiting, so, In the morning, I went around the backyard, checking for possible culprits. There are some sprouted potatoes, our neighbors tree overlooking our fence that is toxic, but which the dogs don't have a history of eating from, and some new mushrooms on our mostly split tree. I plucked the mushrooms, just in case they were the issue (though it may well have been something at the dog park, or just eating immediately after a car ride), and realized there was a big gap between tree and ground on one side. Walking around it, I found another gap in the back, where the roots were exposed. Looking up, I see half the tree is leaning on our house.

After throwing the mushrooms out, I took pictures of the tree, and texted them to my landlord. The current landlord has honestly been really on top of things, however, a thunderstorm was just a couple of hours away when I notified them, and they weren't able to have an arborist come beforehand.

It was a stressful storm. I have anxiety normally, so having a tree leaning on our house while it's being weighed down by rain, and swept by wind, wasn't super fun. There were loud thumps a'plenty, and every time I checked outside, the tree was leaning lower. My husband thought it was going to roll off of our roof, onto the shared fence, so I ran next door and warned our neighbor in case they wanted to move anything. Checking the tree meant existing the house through the front, since the tree was right above the back door.

Come morning, I took new pictures, because sure enough, the tree was being held up by our house. I sent the pictures to the landlord. He sent a coordinator over who took more pictures.

Then a team of arborists removed it from our roof, and cut it down. There were some close calls, when they tossed branches onto the wires attached to our house, but the yard is only so big, so they didn't have much choice, and they were careful to remove each branch from the wires pretty quickly.

Anyway, that's how my dog getting sick led to me realizing a tree was in the process of coming down, so we were able to have the whole thing removed before today, when there was another thunderstorm. And Samwise has felt fine since Saturday morning. His eating and behaving normally, thank goodness. So yeah, thank you for stopping by. I drop a new blog post every Monday. Toodles!

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