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  • Jessica Nacovsky

77: List of Published Books that used AI

Howdy! The following lists books that used AI in the finished product. I don't support AI replacing creative jobs and will not buy these books. AI is killing illustrator jobs and writers are next. There is not enough legislation in place to protect creative work, let alone creative careers, so it's up to us to take a stand and protect ourselves.

Every one of these covers was an illustrator's job, gone. In the case of the children's books, the interior illustrations would have been an even bigger project. Meanwhile Fiverr already has many affordable artists to work with. There is no excuse. Some of these were even written by AI. Purchasing these books tells artists and authors you are okay with robots replacing them.

Here's a petition demanding regulations to protect artists against thieving Ai.

If I learn that the AI aspects of the above projects have been removed from the purchasable pieces, I will remove those titles from this list. Unfortunately, I foresee this list growing, as opposed to shrinking, as creatives throw each other under the bus (and corporations crush us all). Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised though. I'm debating listing products that use AI narration in the near future. Now that would be a horrifically long list.

I drop a new blog post every Monday. Take care and hope copyright legislation catches up to technology.

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