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93: Philadelphia PA ~3 day Itinerary

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Me and my now-husband with the Love sculpture
Me and my now-husband with the Love sculpture

Howdy! I lived in Philly for about 3 months in 2018. During that time, I made it my mission to check out all the fun tourist attractions. While I didn't succeed, I fully mean to go back, and hit what I missed. As a heads up, some mom & pop shops still accept cash only. And traffic is a bane, especially close to center city and the historic district. Walking and using public transport is your best bet for getting around.


  • Arrive. Best not to schedule any reservations for right after, since airlines maintain a realm of chaos. Will you be delayed one hour? Five? Who knows. When you land, go straight to the hotel. Check in, ditch your things in the room, and head back out to explore.


  • Breakfast: Grab a bite at Miles Table! They come highly recommended!

  • Morning Activity: Explore Elfreth's Allery Museum!

  • Lunch: Grab a bite at Café La Maude!

  • Afternoon Activity: Visit the Philadelphia Museum of Art! There's so much to see!

  • Dinner: Grab a cheese steak at Max's Steaks! When I lived in Philly, every time I asked about the cheese steaks, I got the same advice. Max's Steaks and Jim's South St. are the best! Unfortunately, Jim's South St. is currently closed, undergoing renovations, but if they're open by the time you visit, definitely try both places! In my experience Max's is better for fun alternations, lots of topping on the cheese steak, and Jim's has the better classic cheese steak. But try them and see for yourself!

  • Evening Activity: Take a ghost tour! You'll learn a lot about the historic district!



  • Breakfast & Morning Activity: Explore the Reading Terminal Market. You've got plenty of options for breakfast, plus there are prepackaged foods sold, which make great souvenirs!

  • Lunch: Grab a bite at Tom's Dim Sum! They're my favorite place to grab soup dumplings, and they have a location right next to Reading Terminal Market!

  • Afternoon Activity: Visit the Rodin Museum and admire the sculptures!

  • Dinner: Grab a bite at Urban Farmer! Enjoy the chic hipster vibes!

  • Evening Activity: Grab a drink at Blind Barber, a speakeasy in a functioning barber shop!


  • Pack up your room, and make sure you're not forgetting anything before checking out. The concierge might print out your boarding pass so it's worth it to ask. Try and eat before you get to the airport for a better value meal. Get home safe!

Also, a Christmas market pops up around City Hall during the holiday season. That's worth checking out if that's when you're in town.

Thanks for stopping by. I drop a new blog post every Monday. Toodles!

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