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Stem & Stone book cover by Victoria Moxley and Jessica Ferrara

Stem & Stone is out now!

Stem & Stone is my Young Adult Dark Portal Fantasy novel which I am pleased to announce was released on September 19, 2023, published by Tea With Coffee Media.

When a mysterious tunnel opens into their bedroom, Icelandic orphans Petra and Emil set out in search of adventure. What they find is a strange underground city where enchanted humans lack free will. Unaware of the present danger, Emil makes a dire mistake. Realizing that her little brother is fated to lose his freedom or his life, Petra faces the queen that cursed him, pleading for his release. Unmoved, the queen offers terms, demanding the delivery of three perilously located treasures. Petra agrees at once, embarking on a harrowing journey. If she returns successful, Emil will live free. 


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Stem & Stone St'Avgull cut paper illustration

Cut Paper illustration of the St'Avgull, and Stem & Stone title, by me, Jessica Ferrara

PXL_20230926_020510979~4 (1).jpg

Cut Paper illustration of Petra by me, Jessica Ferrara

Tiktok Petra Portrait Video Process Video

Stem & Stone St'Avgull watercolor illustration

Watercolor illustration of the St'Avgull by me, Jessica Ferrara

TikTok St'Avgull Watercolor Process Video

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