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Longer Biography

Howdy! My name is Jessica Lynn-Nacovsky Ferrara. I was born in 1990, one week after my mother turned sixteen. Both of my parents suffered from addiction. They struggled to maintain steady employment and housing. Far from minding the frequent evictions, I enjoyed the many road trips that resulted. Eventually, after I missed too much school, my parents were removed as my legal guardians and I was taken in by an aunt and uncle in New York. 

The transition from being subject to free-range parenting, to authoritarian, proved difficult, but adjusting to a stationary lifestyle was the greater ordeal. Whereas, until middle school, any faux-pas was forgotten with each new move, “reputation” was suddenly a priority. I rushed to adopt previously unacknowledged social norms, graduating from high school with honors. I earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design at the College of Saint Rose in 2013. Months later I began a tattoo apprenticeship, devoting three years to the craft, before ultimately retiring from that industry. 

I wrote Soul Walker, an adult paranormal fiction novel, in the following year, then embarked on my own soul searching journey through Europe. Upon returning to the states, I wrote Stem & Stone, a young adult dark fantasy, then Light Step, an adult literary fiction novel with fabulist elements. Common themes in my work include loneliness, resilience, youthful independence, and the rejection of motherhood. Now I live in Texas where I can be found writing, painting, and planning my next trip. 

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