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Light Step novel

Light Step book cover by Victoria Moxley and Jessica Ferrara

Light Step

I am pleased to announce that Light Step, my Adult Literary Fiction novel with Fabulist elements, is out now!


Hugo Atmen is an ordinary guy, thirty-five years old, a mortgage loan officer who just got out of a serious relationship, when he puts down the book that changes his life. Haunted by flashes of a dancer, a character therein, he believes the woman imaginary, and works to forget her. His attempts fail but with medical help, he’s able to feign normalcy. Then, in full flesh and blood, she crosses his path. Suddenly his obsession is justified. What he took as delusion, was a foretelling. So knowing, he pursues his dream woman, trusting in fate to see them together. 


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Light Step book cover illustration by Jessica Ferrara

TikTok Cover Illustration Video

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