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My name is Jessica Lynn-Nacovsky Ferrara. I graduated from the College of Saint Rose with my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design in 2013. Then I spent three years tattooing in New York before backpacking through Europe. Now I live in Texas, where I can be found writing and painting. My YA dark fantasy novel, Stem & Stone, was released on 09/19/23, and my adult fabulism novel, Light Step, will be released on 01/16/24. 

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Stem & Stone is my Young Adult Dark Fantasy novel. When Icelandic siblings, Petra and Emil, stumble into a magical world where enchanted humans lack free will, little brother Emil makes a terrible mistake, and Petra embarks on a harrowing journey to save him from a life in chains. I am pleased to announce that Tea With Coffee Media published Stem & Stone on 09/19/2023!

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Light Step is my Adult Literary Fiction novel, with Fabulist elements. Hugo fights for sanity when a storybook character haunts his waking moments. A figment, her dancing spurs a futile obsession he wants to forget. First his health, then his work suffers from insomnia until he’s forced to seek treatment. Then, learning she’s real, Hugo sets out to win her heart. I am pleased to announce that Tea With Coffee Media will be publishing Light Step.


Bonus Content:

 If you are interested in learning more about these projects, please email me at I am also responsive over Twitter. I'm frequently available to be interviewed and to review indie novels

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P.S. Here is some poetry from back in the day, mostly from before I got into the habit of sleeping at night.

P.S.S. Here is a more detailed biography if you're curious.

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