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116: Giving Thanks!

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Howdy! I found the inalterability of an official acknowledgments page in Stem & Stone to be intimidating, so I'm sharing here, (where I can add names at a later date if I forgot anybody). Writing, marketing, and especially publishing, doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Getting Stem & Stone out into the world has been a group project of the best kind and I'm so grateful to everybody who had a hand in the work.

I’d like to give a big thanks to:

  • Tyler Wittkofsky for your monthly marketing lessons, revising my biography, and also for your constant support of my work and social media pages.

  • Kelsey Ann Lovelady for your marketing lessons, for hosting monthly self care sessions, and for formatting Stem & Stone.

  • Victoria Moxley for taking my cut-paper illustration into consideration with regards to, and ultimately designing, the book cover. I’d also like to thank Victoria Moxley for organizing in-person events.

  • Sarah Faeth Sanders and Grace Witt for editing Stem & Stone, and Grace Witt also for beta reading it.

  • Kaitlyn Kalor for reaching out to me about potentially submitting my work to Tea With Coffee Media in the first place, and for all of your help with the book since.

  • Sanuja Nimanjali for animating the preview for Stem & Stone, and I'd also like to thank Gurlau for narrating the clip.

  • My Tea With Coffee Media family for believing in the success of Stem & Stone so much that you agreed to publish it. Thank you for bringing me on as an author. I'm sure there was a lot of work and organizing going on behind the scenes that I barely gleaned the surface of so thank you to everyone involved, and I'm sorry to anybody I forgot. You all did a fantastic job!

  • The earliest beta reader to finish reading Stem & Stone, my dear friend Marissa Mendes. Thank you for your patience, kindness, and support. Not every reader has the stamina to slog through what was far too long of an early draft, but you pulled through and I'm grateful.

  • My family, and friends (both virtual and in-person), for being so supportive throughout my creative journey. I’d like to especially thank my sister Domonique Nacovsky, my aunt Dawn Nacovsky, my cousin (basically sister) Michelle Santor, and my father-in-law Pasquale Ferrara for always asking after my writing projects. There are too many of you to name here but I love you all and appreciate you!

  • My husband, Daniel Ferrara, for everything, always. Without you, there would be no book.

And thank you to everybody who reads this blog or who follows me online. I'm just another creative following a dream, but with your support, it's becoming a reality. So thank you everyone! I drop a new blog post every Monday! Toodles!

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