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51: My Story Memes

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

While my books remain unpublished, I guess it's just me and my feelings

Update 09/19/2023: Howdy! I wrote this post forever ago, probably before I'd signed with Tea With Coffee Media. Of the books listed below, Stem & Stone was released today, September 19th, 2023. Light Step will be released on January 16th, 2024. I highly suggest reading them before looking at their memes. Thank you for stopping by!

Howdy! I've been meaning to compile memes regarding my manuscripts. This seems as good a place to keep them as any. Don't worry! All spoilers are minor, but obviously, everything past this point is spoilers! Without further ado, memes:

Stem & Stone is my Young Adult Dark Fantasy novel. When Icelandic siblings Petra and Emil stumble into a magical world where enchanted humans lack free will, little brother Emil makes a terrible mistake, and Petra embarks on a harrowing journey to save him from a life in chains.

yoga barbie labeled Atla, vibing before she had to step up and play house

Atla, raising two kids on a {redacted}'s income. This is fine.

Gunndis, when the teacher doesnt love her plant. Here lies Gunndis' heart and self esteem.

One is not simply freed, just by asking the queen

Iver, why don't we reason with the queen? The queen cannot be reasoned with Petra

Queen Siv says: There are many things humanity would be happier without. Take for instance, illness, violence, FREEEDOM

Trade Offer: I receive a golden fleece, kelpie's saddle, and griffon's claw. You receive the cure. You have until the full moon. Do you accept?

Bane vs pin suit batman standin labeled actual real life monster vs little girl who got squeamish skinning a rabbit

Literally, my husband's reaction:

Snowball, from Rick & Morty, "Will you be destroying my saddle, Iver?" Iver, "That's uh, kind of a loaded question."

Councilman: I wish Olst would stop demanding sacrafices. Genie labeled Ulf: It is done. Councilman: A weapon?! Genie labeled ulf: Obviously you [redacted] old coot

Petra: Here pretty grifon, I just need one itty bitty claw. Griffon: one more step and I will literally, not figuratively, gut you

it's ryan Gosling healthy, and Ryan Gosling very beatup. The first is labled, "pre-adventure Petra." the second is labeled, "post-adventure Petra"

Light Step is my Adult Literary Fiction novel, with Fabulist elements. Hugo fights for sanity when a storybook character haunts his waking moments. A figment, her dancing spurs a futile obsession he wants to forget. First his health, then his work suffers from insomnia until he’s forced to seek treatment. Then, learning she’s real, Hugo sets out to win her heart.

a fairy from sleeping beauty made a tilted falling cake. she's labeled Hugo, saying, "It's fine" in regards to his love life (the cake)

Hugo unhappily falls for phantom. Hugo happily learns she's real.

When Anna finds out rose is staying. Unhappy surprised face. She's what?

Hugo, I need space. -Anna. Hugo burns letter.

Soul Walker is my Adult Paranormal Fiction novel of approximately 82K words. Eva of New Haven Connecticut is possessed by a motivated soul set on living his best life, but his best isn’t hers, and worse—Eva’s seeing spirits she must ignore, for fear of losing what tenuous links to society she has left, when the only means of exorcism is death.

Samuel L Jackson playing eva: I have had it with these motherfucking shdaows at this motherfucking house

Rebel Wilson says "I sometimes have a feeeling like I can do crystal math, but then I think mmm better not" with regards to Hugo asking to get back together.

labeled recalling that lady at the gym. Its a scene of a bent over anime character obvioysly stricken by some kind of a pyschic or panic attack and the anime character is Eva

Eva, clearly exhausted, when working cuts into sleep. Eva, more visible exhausted, when everything cuts into sleep. Eva says she is fine.

Katrin is a straight laced golfer in a suit. Evelyn is a fat golfer, smoking a cigar, in bolding colored patterned casual attire.

Talk to family or draw 25 cards? Eva draws.

anime guy saying, "Hello anxiety, old friend." labeled Eva, interacting with her peers

buy talking loud and fast in bored disgusted woman's ear. labeled, literally every ghost, and Eva

Eva is about to embrace art goals when her declining mental health intercedes.

The Alleged Confessions of Amber Jax is my Adult Horror-Epistolary Work In Progress. I'm only on the second draft, but here's a bonus meme.

Bobby Bouche's mom saying Them woods are the devil! She's labeled Amber

Thanks for stopping by! I drop a new blog post every Monday!

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