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123: How To Help Palestinians

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Howdy! As I'm sure you're aware, Palestinians are being eradicated by Israeli forces, with the United States government not just condoning these atrocities, but supporting them. It's easy to feel powerless when your elected representatives are actively going against the wishes of the populace, especially in a situation as dire as this. But, there are ways you can help.

Listing from the least to the most effort, here they are:

  1. Raise Awareness: Amplify Palestinian voices over social media. Amplify voices calling for an end to the Israeli apartheid. Amplify voices calling for a ceasefire now. Amplify voices calling for humanitarian aid to be allowed to be distributed amongst Palestinians in Gaza. Amplify voices who call for UN protection of Palestinians in Gaza. Amplify Calls To Action in favor of Palestinian freedom, such as those sharing protest information, petitions, etc. Share your own calls for peace.

  2. Sign a Petition:

    1. EveryAction: Petition Demanding An End to Palestinian Expulsions from Jerusalem

    2. Petition to the ICC Office of the Prosecutor to Investigate War Crimes by Israeli Military

    3. Open Call For An Immediate Ceasefire

    4. Demand Ceasefire

    5. Demand Canva Release a Statement About Palestine (This is after they've silenced pro-Palestinian voices)

    1. Location Specific Petitions

      1. MoveOn: Petition Demanding Biden Administration Work Against Loss Of Life (for Palestinians) (USA)

      2. Demand the U​.​S. to Cease Financial Aid to Israel (USA)

      3. Urge the U​.​S. Government to stop funding Israel's killing machine (USA)

      4. Sanction Israel - End U​.​S. Complicity in Israeli War Crimes (USA)

      5. American government to call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza (USA)

      6. Gaza call for ceasefire (UK)

      7. End Israeli occupation (UK)

      8. Oxfam Australia: Call upon Minister Wong to demand a ceasefire and deliver more humanitarian aid now (Australia)

      9. Demand President & Foreign Minister Call For Ceasefire & Humanitarian Corridor (France)

  3. Contact Your Representatives:

    1. Send Letter to Congress: Stop Fueling the Gaza Genocide (USA)

    2. Call congress and demand a ceasefire: There is a script. (USA)

    3. Email USA Congress: Act to De-Escalate the Violence in Israel and Palestine (USA)

    4. text RESIST to 50409: to send a letter to your representatives to pass HR3103 which would prohibit tax dollars from going to Israel

    5. Send Letter to MPs: Demand Ceasefire (Canada)

    6. Send Letter to PM & Foreign Minister: Demand Ceasefire (Canada)

    7. Email your MP :Medical aid for Palestine (UK)

    8. Email your MP & Senators: Call on Israel to stop attacking Palestinians (Australia)

  4. Click This Button Once Per day: There is a button on the page that, when clicked once per user per day, generates a donation from their sponsors. The donations fund support for Palestinian families.

  5. Boycott: The Palestinian BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) National Committee highly recommends specific actions against the following:

    1. Consumer boycott targets: Aim to fully boycott these brands due to their companies' proven complicity in the Israeli apartheid:

      1. Siemens

      2. PUMA

      3. Carrefour

      4. AXA

      5. Hewlett Packard Inc (HP Inc)

      6. SodaStream

      7. Ahava

      8. RE/MAX

      9. Israeli produce in your supermarkets

    2. Divestment targets: Pressure governments, institutions and investment funds to exclude and divest from these enterprises for enabling the occupation:

      1. Elbit Systems

      2. HD Hyundai/Volvo/CAT/JCB

      3. Barclays

      4. CAF

      5. Chevron

      6. HikVision

      7. TKH Security

    3. Pressure (non-boycott) targets: Pressure these brands and services to cease their complicity in Israeli apartheid. On strategic grounds, there is no call for a boycott of these brands and services.

      1. Google and Amazon

      2. Airbnb/Booking/Expedia

      3. Disney

    4. This list has been extended to include the following in a less targeted, more organic, localized, boycott:

      1. McDonald’s

      2. Burger King

      3. Papa John’s

      4. Pizza Hut

      5. WIX

  6. Call Out Propaganda: When you find passive voice being used by "journalists" to describe Israeli attacks on Palestinians, speak up to demand accurate reporting. When the media underestimates the scale of marches for Palestinian freedom (and a ceasefire), demand accurate reporting. When the media implies that Hamas may have been behind attacks on unpopular Palestinian targets, especially after Israel threatened those targets and took credit for hitting them, call out those blatant lies. Demand accurate reporting. Report misinformation when possible.

    1. Here are well respected individuals and organizations confirming that Isreal opresses Palestine under an apartheid system:

      1. Amnesty International condemns the Israeli apartheid system oppressing Palestians.

      2. Human Rights Watch condemns the Israeli apatheid system opressing Palestinians.

      3. UN rights expert Michael Lynk condemns the Iraeli apartheid system opressing Palestinians.

    2. Here are well respected individuals and organizations confirming that Israel is commiting a genocide against Palestinians:

      1. The Center For Constitutional Rights condemns the Israeli genocide of Palestinians.

      2. Craig Mokhiber, until recently the UN Director of the New York Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, resigned from his position in a letter condemning the Israeli genocide of Palestinians.

  7. Challenge Hatred: Don't let ignorance go uncorrected. Neither Islamophobia nor Antisemitism lead to peace. Hate begets hate and must be called out and corrected, always. If this is too much conflict and you find your efforts better spent on other methods of activism, at least block the hateful so there is one less set of eyes and ears on the nonsense they spew. And report their misinformation when possible.

  8. Donate:

    1. Palestine Children's Relief Fund

    2. Doctor's Without Borders

    3. Anera: Addresses the development and relief needs of refugees and vulnerable communities in Palestine and Lebanon

    4. Palestine Red Crescent Society: Palestinian branch of a humanitarian movement to protect human life and health, to ensure respect for all human beings, and to prevent and alleviate human suffering

    5. (MAP) Medical Aid For Palestinians

    6. UNICEF

    7. Palestinian American Medical Association: Donate to Send Medical Supplies to Hospitals in Gaza

    8. Palestine Action: Help Bring Down Israel's Weapons Trade

    9. Islamic Relief Canada: Urgent Action Needed to Secure an Immediate Ceasefire & Humanitarian Corridor in Gaza

    10. USA Politicians who are demanding a ceasefire: Full List Here

      1. Rashida Tlaib has led the charge and is being censored for following her conscience.

      2. Cori Bush has been consistently supportive.

    11. Palestine Legal: Providing legal aid for activists who've been doxed or fired for supporting Palestinians.

    12. CAIR: Providing legal aid for activists who've been doxed or fired for supporting Palestinians.

    13. Donate eSim Cards to Palestinians.

  9. Support Palestinian Businesses: These are mostly businesses in Palestine but I also encourage supporting your local Palestinian-owned businesses.

    1. Hirbawi Kufiya: They are the last and only factory producing keffiyehs in Palestine. If you're wandering if nonPalestinian or nonMuslim people can wear these without causing offense, the answer is yes. You can even show support for the culture of Palestinians by wearing one.

    2. Nöl Collective: They are a feminist fashion company in Palestine.

    3. Meera Adnan: She is a feminist and designer living & working in Gaza.

    4. Hilweh Market: They are an artisanal boutique concept store featuring handmade housewares, textiles, and other curated contemporary items from Palestine and the Arab world. They are in located in Tel Aviv.

    5. Hind Hilal: They are a fashion brand operating out of Bethlehem City in Palestine.

    6. PaliRoots: They aren't physically located in Palestine but they are a Palestinian goods brand that runs multiple charities to support Palestinians. This is a great place to buy a Palestinian flag should you desire to display one.

    1. There are more relevant brands featured in this article from American Muslim Women Magazine.

  10. Protest: Protests should be disruptive. Weigh the risks though and ~do not~ get arrested if you have children, a criminal record, or can't afford bail.

    1. Worldwide Calendar of Relevant Protests

    2. USA based List of Relevant Protests

    3. UK Based: Palestine Action, Engage in direct action to shut Israel Arms Trade down

  11. Print & Share These Posters:

    1. These are posters raising awareness of the human rights abuses perpetrated by Israeli forces against Palestinian civilians.

    2. These are posters raising awareness of the Palestinian children and teenagers murdered by Israel forces. For more information, you can check out but it's very heavy content, obviously.

Here are links to more resources for working to end the genocide of Palestinians:

While you're here, there are also genocides happening in Congo, Sudan, and in China against Uyghur Muslims. Here are ways you can help:

Democratic Republic of Congo:

  1. Donate:

    1. Friends Of The Congo: Rescue Children From Cobalt Mines

    2. Save The Children: Help Children in the DRC

    3. City Of Joy: Feminist Activism Center For Healing, Educating, & Helping in the DRC


  1. Donate:

    1. Save The Children: Help Children & Refugees In Sudan

    2. The UN Refugee Agency: Send Aid to Refugees Escaping Violence in Sudan

    3. Human Appeal: Provide Emergency Supplies In Sudan

Uyghur Muslims:

  1. Donate:

    1. Uyghur Human Rights Project: Promoting Uyghur Rights and Equality

Thanks for stopping by! I'll keep adding resources as I find them. We are many whereas the warmongering genocidal profiteers are few. They can't make us not care. Obviously, most people can't engage in all of these. Just do your best, as always. Anywho, I drop a new blog post every Monday. Toodles!

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