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128: Potential Nintendo Game App Ideas

Howdy! I'm a very cozy gamer and I haven't really picked up an app game that I liked in a couple of years. I played Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp religiously for years before it began to feel like a chore. And I played Pokemon Go for a couple of years straight, right when it came out, then picked it up again last year for several months. It's improved (there is trading and batting between players now) but it's not the most fun experience (everything costs money). So I've been thinking, what kind of app game could Nintendo drop, given their brands, that I would enjoy?

The thing is, app games are smaller, simpler, less fleshed out than games for the Switch or their earlier systems. Meaning that as I've never played their Pikmin games, I don't have the nostalgia to hold me over for their Pikmin app, which is essentially a less fun Pokemon Go, with different characters. I'm not a huge Mario fan. While I love Pokemon, I'm not entertained by bouncing Magikarps. Unfortunately.

I played one Zelda game, thought I beat it, but was turned into a pink bunny after winning a very difficult battle, and I put it down. But, I do really enjoy the Korok characters in the recent Zelda game/s. My husband beat the story whereas I basically only played to explore and locate Koroks. A fun game would essentially be Pikmin, or Pokemon Go, where players locate and convince Koroks to join them, but instead of battling with them, the player would build them a nice fairy/cottagecore habitat. Basically Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp meets Pokemon Go minus the violence. Not that I mind the violence but it doesn't go with the vibe or behavior of Koroks. It would be nice if players could show each other their habitats and Korok collections.

Another game I'd like to see as an app would be the Chao Garden from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Literally just add mini games where players could gather the colored/type tubes and tiny animals, like we could on the various levels of the original game, and that's the app. Sure, there could be more ways to compete with the Chaos, aside from just karate and racing, and I do think this game would benefit from players being able to compete against each other, but overall, they would need to change very little from the original for this to work.

These are just what I would like to see from Nintendo in the Google Play Store and whatever the Apple alternative is. Here's hoping the company feels similarly! Thanks for stopping by! I drop a new blog post every Monday. Toodles!

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