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38: Fun Things to do in Austin TX

Mozart's Coffee Roasters with piano playing Santa
Mozart's Coffee Roasters with piano playing Santa

Howdy! So I lived in Austin for a few years but I'm by no means a local. When I move to a new place, I try to see it like a tourist for as long as possible, finding fun new entertainment every time I go out. Bear in mind, I keep my outings pretty affordable so this isn't a high-dining guide. Here are some of my favorite Austin spots:

Fave Pizza:

Fave Burger:

Fave Fried Chicken:

Fave Barbeque:

Fave Hole-in-the-wall Bar:

Fave Hispter Bar:

Fave Ramen:

Fave Chinese Food:

Fave Cajun Food:

Fave Tacos:

Fave Donuts:

Fave Coffee Shop:

  • Mozart's Coffee Roasters. Definitely visit around Christmas time to watch the light show and to see Santa Clause paly the piano.

Fave Gallery:

Fave fun days out:

Fave dog park:

  • Cedar Bark Park. It's not in Austin but it's close enough. They have three sections. One for small dogs, one for big (over 30lbs), and one for dogs that want to swim. It's huge, they have water fountains, poop clean up supplies on hand, and they have a doggy washing station.

Thanks for stopping by! I put out a new blog post every Monday. Toodles!

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