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44: Zumba: Burn It Up! Vibes

Updated: May 18, 2022

Howdy! I'm no fitness guru and exercise is a bane, BUT! I'm really enjoying Zumba: Burn It up! for the Switch. I don't enjoy being bad at things in front of people, so, as I'm bad at all things physical, exercising by video game, as opposed to in a public gym, was the way to go. Also, I only had to buy the game once, at $39.99, instead of a monthly gym membership fee. Every weekday, I knock out between 3-5 songs, and on the weekends, I try to do between 5-10. I'm level 12 now, which isn't some great accomplishment. I'm still averaging about 55% technique, but I'm gradually improving, burning between 200-450 calories (the game calls it energy) per session.

I made it my personal project to try every song and pinpoint a vibe. Mostly, this was a means of branching away from my usual five songs (Azukita, Dust Dance, ChaCha Swing, Level Up, Chihuahua, partially because I kept hurting myself during that last). A downside of this game is that there are just over 30 songs, but unlike Just Dance 2022 for Switch, there is no option to subscribe for a greater song/dance list. I likely wouldn't have subscribed, and I resent all of these game subscriptions, as an expanded song list should really be a booster pack, but, I'm sure there are players who would like more songs.

There is no practice mode and the songs are fast paced, so expect to flail very quickly in the beginning. The moves are repetitive throughout each song, so once you've got a handle on a move, expect to use it again. The instructors have favorite moves they turn to frequently. Once you played a few songs with the same instructor, you'll have a feel for the sorts of moves to expect from them.

I bought the wrist straps so I wouldn't have to hold tight to the controllers but the game was designed for the player to grip the controller. I think that the controller being on my wrist, rather than in my hand, is hurting my scores. When I care about my scores, I have to be more extreme with the placement of my right wrist to get it where my hand should be. If you care about technique and scoring, more than you are concerned about accidentally throwing the controller, maybe pass on the straps. Or tweek the settings. I haven't bothered but maybe there's a way.

I've never taken dance classes so this game is the closest to training I've gotten. That's my way of saying I'm ignorant to any cultural contexts going on in these moves. My observations are in no way meant to insult the instructors, who obviously are very good at what they do. Sometimes it's fun to be a ballet crab. Without further ado, the vibes

  1. Azukita: Steve Aoki, Daddy Yankee, Play N Skillz, E. Crespo: This ones a favorite. The instructor has a knack for showing which direction he's about to turn a moment before he does. The moves are simple, despite being quick. This is the power stance song.

  2. Be As One: Zumba: This is the 90's girl band stretch. It's a good way to ease into your dance session.

  3. C'mon Bounce: Zumba: Swing meets Micky Mouse.

  4. ChaCha Swing: Zumba, Zona Prieta: Johnny Bravo

  5. Chica Practica: Zumba, Zona Prieta: Chicken Dance meets very confident crab

  6. Chihuahua: Zumba: This song's tough to get the moves down and I tend to wreck my hip when I try it so it has been temporarily removed from my rotation. I find it the most difficult dance in the game. Vibe wise, this is a work-out barely masquerading as a dance, where knee and elbow meet. Also, magic carpet ride.* Always stretch first.

  7. Cumbia De La Gaita: Zumba: Crossing Guard meets bongos

  8. Dejate Llevar: Zumba: In the words of my father in law whenever an adult lifts a child, "Watch the fan!"

  9. Dust Dance: Zumba: When a water bender and a fire bender love each other very much...they wipe on, wipe off.

  10. Everybody Muevelo: Zumba: Taz learns basketball

  11. Firehouse: Daddy Yankee, Play N Skillz: When a truck driver and a genie love each other very much...

  12. Fresco: Zumba: New Macarena potential. These moves could translate to an actual dance floor with other people!

  13. Get Up: Zumba, Dahrio Wonder: Feel good 90's boy band moves. Starlord could swing these.

  14. Hey Alicia: Zumba: Save the Last Dance vibes

  15. Hey Doctor: Zumba: If Cotton Eyed Joe was a truck driver

  16. I Like It: Cardi B, Bad Bunny, J Balvin: Middle wiggle song with punch

  17. Indian Moonshine: Zumba: Confident crab learns the Ms. Congeniality glide

  18. Internacionales: Bomba Estereo: Talk to the hand

  19. L.O.V.E.: Zumba: If Hanson's MMMBop was a dance

  20. La Cinta Roja: Zumba: The frog prince attempts ballet

  21. Level Up: Ciara: Sexily punch that sky!

  22. Maga-Zin: Zumba: Fast forward, rewind

  23. Marimba: Zumba: The magic carpet ride* with a dose of "Watch the fan!"

  24. Muevete Duro: Zumba: Running man learns tai chi. Bare in mind, I know know nothing about tai chi.

  25. Oye Chiquitita: Zumba: Magic carpet ride*

  26. Pachanga: Zumba: A crab learns to DJ

  27. Si Como No: Wolfgang Barros: These dance moves translate well to an actual dance floor with your fellow humans, with the exception of the air bongo. Latin hippie vibes.

  28. Sola: Zumba, G-Ruiz: The noble crab learns to waterbend

  29. Todo El Mundo: DJ Ricky Luna: Drunk toddler dead arm swing song

  30. Venha (Remix): Zumba: King Kong learns an Irish step. Bare in mind, I don't know the first thing about step dances.

  31. Yoh Yoh: Zumba: Bollywood vibes. Bare in mind, I've never watches a single Bollywood film. However, if you have film suggestions, throw them in the comments below! <3

*Magic Carpet Ride songs: If you're dancing on a rug, that rug will move. This can be handy if you have especially underfoot pets/toddlers who prefer stationary flooring. My dogs rush off, making me less likely to trip over them.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you found this vibe list helpful. I drop a new blog post every Monday. Toodles!

Update!: I learned the hard way that time traveling messes with Zumba: Burn it Up. I change the time on the Switch when I play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and because I can't be bothered to change it back to the present when I'm done, Zumba no longer saves. It also won't maintain the level I last saved at (15). The downside of this is I have to click through dumb can't-save warning pop-ups upon starting the game, and do-you-wanna-set-an-avatar pop ups between songs. Otherwise, it isn't such a huge deal. It's not like we gain extra songs by leveling up and within each play session, it still show the accumulation of calories (energy) burned. Anyway, heads up, if you care about what level you're at. Time traveling messes it up.

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