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91: College Station-Bryan TX ~3 Day Itinerary

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

Aggie spirit statue is some army or railroad worker looking guy. He's pointing.
Pic from when I apperentally walked right by bottle cap alley, without noticing.

Howdy! I noticed while making an itinerary for Las Vegas last week, that I was becoming more familiar with the general layout of the city as I progressed. When I shared this observation with my husband, he said I should do that for College Station-Bryan, since I've been here a year and couldn't give directions if I tried. To be fair, I lived in Levittown NY for most of middle and high school, and to this day, if someone were to ask me how to get from my old house to the public library, those directions would include, "turn at the paw prints in the side walk," and "look for sunflowers leaning into your path, to make sure you're going the right way." A perpetual pedestrian, I've rarely bothered to learn street names.

Still, if I'm going to live here for another year, I may as well get to know the place better. So, without further ado, here's a ~3 day itinerary:


  • Arrive. Best not to schedule any reservations for right after, since airlines maintain a realm of chaos. Will you be delayed one hour? Five? Who knows. When you land, go straight to the hotel. Check in, ditch your things in the room, and head back out to explore.


  • Breakfast: Head to The Village Café. The menu is creative, fun, and they've got Mimosas. They're known to support local artists, according to the google reviews.

  • Morning Activity: Check out the Franklin Drive Through Safari. It promises to be fun for the whole family!

  • Lunch: Try the Dixie Café in Hearne. It's on your way back into town and is such a small-town TX eatery, it doesn't even have a website.

  • Afternoon Activity: Visit the Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History. They're small but the exhibits are interesting and the staff are friendly.

  • Dinner & Evening Activity: Grab a meal and catch a show at the Star Cinema Grill! These kind of hybrid theatre-restaurants are becoming pretty popular in Texas.



  • Light Breakfast: Stop by Sweet Eugene's for coffee. The interior is super cute and they support local artists.

  • Morning Activity: Explore Century Square. Don't forget to take a selfie with the Aggieland mural!

  • Brunch: Grab a bite at the Toasted Yoke Café. They're got brunch cocktails, but go easy. You've got a big drive after! And don't forget to take a selfie with the mural!

  • Midday Activity: Check out the "Birthplace of Texas," where the TX Declaration of Independence was signed. You're going to want to get tickets, at the Visitor center, and check out the museum as well as the park.

  • Dinner: Grab a bite at the Dixie Chicken. Don't forget to add a bottle cap to Bottle Cap Alley next door, and take a selfie!

  • Evening Activity: Explore the Northgate District. It's mostly bars and snacks and you're going to want to either take it very slow or uber back to your hotel.


  • Pack up your room, and make sure you're not forgetting anything before checking out. The concierge might print out your boarding pass so it's worth it to ask. Try and eat before you get to the airport. The nearest airport is small, so don't expect a ton of food options there. Get home safe!

College Station-Bryan host many events though, and it's always worth checking the calendar before coming to visit, so you don't miss out. If football is your jam, this place goes hard. I met a lady who moved here because it saved her on commuting to the games every week.

Thanks for stopping by. I drop a new blog post every Monday. Toodles!

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